Lucky Book
  Title Authors Pages Size (in.) Year
5 I-210 Taylor Zanke 12 5.5 x 7 2017

The front also has a back. When moving in different directions sometimes they can be confused. Images of navigational signage along a multi-lane highway.

4 Several Speculative Improvements to my Family Home Taylor Zanke 173 6 x 8.5 2016

Each section presents its own “extant” context and as a result presents a particular scenario in which a composition, using the media of architectural elements, can emerge/be developed. The thickness of the section cut, the dimension of the floor plates, the height of the structural elements on each floor, the relation between the wall and the floor/ceiling/structure, placement of windows. Each becomes a compositional element, conveniently not to be taken outside of the bounds of the model itself. The models are allowed to be compositional.

The work becomes, after such a long period only exposed to itself, self referential and difficult to compare to other things.

3 Collected Models and Drawings Taylor Zanke 144 9 x 12 2016

A series of models and drawings collected in a single large format book. Completed in partial fulfillment of the Master of Architecture degree at Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture Planning and Preservation.

2 Two Cities Reader, Mumbai—Paris Taylor Zanke 102 10 x 12 2016

Images from both Mumbai and Paris. Again collected in the same manner as Two Cities Reader, Honolulu—New York City.

A stack of paper is reorganized on a flat surface. The video recording of this process is arranged on altogether different pages, printed, and bound.

1 Two Cities Reader, Honolulu—New York City Taylor Zanke 32 6 x 8 2014

The images contained in the book were not taken with any specific intention of their placement on a page, nor were they taken with the specific intention for their mutual interaction. The book, though a tangible product of the collection and formalization of the images, acts also as a mechanism for suggesting a way of existing in the present.